Problem with double reservation

Hello everybody,

I present you my application:

My problem is the following: it is impossible to block a reservation, if the time slot is already reserved.


user 1 takes a reservation from 02/03/2015 to 05/03/2015

user 2 can also take a reservation from 02/03/2015 to 05/03/2015

I want it to be impossible to make a reservation for user 2

I want the reservation to be blocked for everyone, once the reservation is made.

I don’t want a double reservation.

Thanks you

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Hi @Ivan1 ,

Take a look at this cloneable app.


This application is incomprehensible

… … which part ?

you can use a true/false propriety for each day.

ON = free to reserve
OFF = already booked

Hope it can be helpful.

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