Booking app problem

Hello everybody,

I try to make a booking app, but i’m stuck in a diffucult step.
The concept is simple, there are two type of clients :

  • People 1 who want take a session of music (Database : user client)
  • People 2 who want give a session of music with time slot (Database : Users).

There are different type of locations linked to people 2 for doing sessions of music (Database : location)
There are also the database : time slot

For exemple People 2 make a time slot from 8am to 6pm, then people 1 want to take a session from 10am to 1pm. Then the time slot from 10am to 1pm wil be busy.

Please help

Try looking at this cloneable app, if you have questions, please ask again.

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Thanks, yes i already did it awhile ago.
I have somes questions :
1 - If i have a time slot, how can i link the reservation with the time slot ?
2 - What is the reservation of finish and start number ?
3 - Is the Database “reservation” a mix of the screen “add reservation” and “new reservation” ?
4 - I don’t understand the screen “check reservation”

Here is my answer.

  1. this in incomplete collection, if you mean booked time slot, reservation collection is meant for that
  2. number shows that Adalo save date time in number, so if needed, we can manipulate later
  3. add reservation screen in unvalidated form, just for data entry, while add new reservation screen is doing validation with input field as switches
  4. this is interim screen that scan new date for booking, it they are overlapped, the way to do it, by using list and countdown, if this filtered list has some records then this new date for booking is overlapped, both for start and finish date time.

Hopefully make sense.

But the important is, have you try if it works ?

1 - i mean making a time slot for example from 8am to 8pm, then people can only book a new reservation in that specific time slot.
2 - Ok thanks.
3 - Can i add a collection for “add reservation” only
4 - Ok thanks.

5- Why there is a difference between in the action for the button “creat a reservation” from screen “add reservation” and the button “add” from the screen “add new reservation” ?

Manipulating date time is not straight forward.

Take a look at this

To do something like this, I also read other’s posts, but old post, like a year ago.

To bring you up to speed, to compare date time with just time such as 8:00am, require focusing on fraction in number, as this is the time, but it should be shifted to your local timezone, in my case, I have to decrease it, we need to play around until we get it.

  1. if you get fraction for start-time slot and finish-time slot, you can do validation using input field or temporary variables in users collection that is retrieved using logged in user, basically it compares numbers
  2. ok
  3. I don’t think you can, because there is no validation process, I use it just for shortcut, for admin purposes, not for user
  4. ok
  5. Picture #1, I use built-in form, which does not allow me to convert date time into number, so I add another update action to do that
    Picture #2, this is not using form, so I can put in the same action.

If you have come to this point, I believe that this technique works to prevent overlapped date time period.

Maybe you can simplify the switches, because currently I use different, checked and available to do validation.

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Ok thanks you.
I found a solution i create two collections “time slot” and " reservation".
There are one ckecking process for both of these collections.

It seems to work actually

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Great, you are persistence, that will bring some results. :grinning:

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