Broken lists wont show up

Whenever I click on my list it appears

broken, any ideas?

Hey there @LoneWolf

I’m guessing here… but it looks like you copied+pasted the list. Am I correct?

If so, all you’ll need to do is delete the magic text and re-add your magic text to the new list.

Yes I did copy and paste it, so I tried what you said but it still is broken, any other ideas?

Does the list in the screen called screen displays? Maybe list arrangement ( three buttons > arrangement ) issue?

What does that mean?

I fixed It, but thank you both for all the help over the past month, my app should be launching soon!

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One trick that I found that works well is to copy and paste the screen with the list. For some reason, it works. It keeps all of the values.

So instead of copying and pasting a list, copy and paste the screen, then take that list and move it where you want it to go.

I have no idea why this way works and the other doesn’t.


Hey I’m having the same issue but mine shows no list or buttons at all. What did you do to solve?

You have to re-link all magic texts, list settings, and visibility settings

How do I do that? (Sorry for being annoying)

Wherever you have magic text or list settings or visibility settings, delete the settings and text and add them again.

Delete, readd.

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