List not working on homescreen opening app

Every time I open the app after I fully closed it (swipe up) it says the list is empty. I have to go to some other page and back to make the list appear. This only happens after I launch the app if it was fully closed

This basically destroys my app… Users keep thinking their chats are gone! Please help!

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Hi Dylan,

This is probably a bug. I would suggest submitting a support ticket.

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The same thing is happening to my app.

Hey guys, unfortunately this has been a bug for quite a while now it’s a problem on all of my apps…

I worked around it by setting up a fake home screen (which looks identical) but the fake homescreen has an action assigned when visited it directs the user to the actual real homescreen. Another example in the image, I set up what seems to be an “expandable menu” which makes the user think they need to press the button to expand, which actually goes to the reload screen and the reload screen then pushes the user back…automatically. In any case these are far from ideal, and I hate doing it… though it does work.

Hopefully Adalo will fix this bug so I can remove these work arounds.

Sorry I cant be more of a help, this is a bug.


Having the same issue! The lists are quite buggy… please fix this.

This neeeds to be fixed asap, really annoying for my users.

Hello Everyone

Have someone opened a bug report as James suggested? It is really straightforward. In my experience they have fixed and/or fixing all the bugs that I’ve reported. That’s the path :grin:

Please let me know should you need assistance.


I reported it, hopefully they can fix it soon, but I am afraid they won’t be able to:/

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Soon is relative, but I am sure they will :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting the bug Dylan!

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