Budget Goal generator

Hey, guys!
I am working on building a goal setter but I’m stuck :slightly_frowning_face:. As I have barely any coding knowledge, I’d be grateful for the adalo community to help me in this :smiling_face:.

If the user wishes to purchase a car in some year, these are the requirements I want to task them;

  1. Which year the user would like to purchase it?
  2. What is the current value of that car?

Based on these two answers, I would like to calculate the value of that car in that particular year(considering the inflation and taxes).
Can somebody help me out with this? :melting_face:
@dilon_perera would love it if you checked this out.

Hi @turaabakbar,

Is it possible to give a example with a calculation?

Thank you

I wish to create something like this.
Also, I would want to emphasize the parts I highlighted.
If it’s possible to build something like this, kindly help me out.
Thank you!! :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

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