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Hi team,
I am trying to make a price calculator of an asset. The user would be inputting some variables - year, city etc and based on these input variables, an output of right price will be shown to the user. I wanted to understand how to set up this algorithm/calculation at the backend.Thanks

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In 99% of the cases, it possible to do this in Adalo. Although the way to implement it will depend on the exact details of the pricing logic. If you provide more information, someone might be able to give a more detailed advice.
E.g. pricing calculations for shopping cart (where you first calculate the final price for each line item, and then sum up these prices for the cart) will be different from pricing calculations for the single job (which could be done by one formula).


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Hi Victor,
Thanks for responding. The pricing calculation would be slightly tougher in nature. The final price would be coming through an algorithm written at the backend (this algorithm would be improving itself as more and more real time data gets feed into it at the backend). And the ideal way to pull this price would be through an API. Hope you got my point.

Hey @AOb,

Then the best option would be to implement price calculation elsewhere, set up API for that and use Custom Action to send the data from Adalo and get back the price.


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