🐞 Bug Fix: Copying Lists Caused Filters To Be Connected

Continuing the discussion from :lady_beetle: Bug Fix: Copying Lists Caused Filters To Be Connected:

This isn’t fixed so far as I can tell.

Just copied 4 lists to a new screen via CMD + C (not ALT and drag), Perhaps filters are no longer linked but when changing ‘Max number of items’ in one list, it changes it in all others.

A quick work around is to copy the lists to your Screen2 Then individually CUT and PASTE them, from and to Screen 2.


When pasting a list it also wipes the ‘advanced options’.

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Hi Rozza,

Maybe you should submit a support ticket:

Hi @James_App_Maker @jessehaywood

As it pertains to a known bug hopefully Jesse can re-link it and mark that bug unresolved in your system.

I do raise tickets too :slight_smile:

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