(Potential) Bug report in card list

If you copy paste a CARD list from one screen to another and change the filter criteria on the new screen, the filter criteria where you copied the list from is also changing.

The two list have different IDs so that is the issue. I have replicated this on two separate apps.

Indeed, this was not happening two weeks ago. You should submit a but report


I’ve noticed this happening with more than just the card list. It happens to me when creating custom lists via holding option and dragging.

I have submitted a ticket pointing this out … hopefully they will get it to soon.

I am just recreating the list every time from scratch for now.

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Yup, that’s the solution (for now).

I am also facing this problem. Why is no one else taking up this serious issue?

Many of us have. They’re aware :slightly_smiling_face:

The best workaround we have figured out is to simply create new lists instead of copy/pasting.

From Adalo “I am unsure if this is the intended behavior that should be happening when copying a list from one screen to another. I am reporting this to our devs to get more information.”

I think based on our comments here it might not be desired behavior.

This bug is very serious. The complexity of the list makes it difficult to recreate it from scratch. I really want you to help me.

It’s not all that bad. You just gotta know how to finesse it.

For example:

Copy and paste a custom list.
Drag the new list below the old list.
Grab all components within the new list.
Drag all components below the new list so that they will be outside of the new list.
The new list can be deleted as it has nothing inside of it.
Grab all components that you dragged out of the list and click “make a list”.
Then, adjust filters and sorting options.
Last, reinsert the magic texts.

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