Bug: I cannot use other items on image property rather than the 1st item

What’s the problem?

On a component that has an image property (e.g., Image List, Simple List), the 1st item will be always chosen and I cannot change that.

In my case, the DB looks like below:

How to reproduce this?

  • Create a database that contains two “Image” properties.
  • On your editor, drag & drop the “Image List” component.
  • Load the database and confirm that you cannot choose 2nd item on “Image - Database”.

Thanks for reporting this and the gif helps a lot! I have passed this info on to the team to look into.

Does this happen if you delete the component and add it again?

What about if you make a custom list?

This does not matter to a component. I think it’s caused by a bug around the image property, (it perhaps loads the 1st item always): https://github.com/AdaloHQ/image-slider/blob/master/src/components/ImageSlider/manifest.json#L17

This ImageSlider (available in Marketplace :slight_smile: ) has also the image property that you cannot change it.

It does appear to be a problem with premade components.

However, if you create a list completely from scratch using the image component, a text component, highlighting them all and creating “Make this a list”. You will be able to change the property of that image to any record in the collection.

Not an ideal workaround but it may get you moving while we fix this issue.

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I agree. This works as a workaround :slight_smile:

This has been fixed from our development team, the label just wasn’t changing, but the data was. You are now able to use this within a form.

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