Bug - Image dropdown shows as Empty after making a valid selection and doesn't work

I’m trying to get an image to display in a list, and I’m able to see and choose the Ingredient Photos property in my screen from the dropdown, so I assume that means my relationships are setup correctly…

But when I select Ingredient Photos, it doesn’t save the value and shows as Empty still.

Here’s a video of what I’m seeing:

I’ll try to delete the list and re-add it and see if that helps


Okay so instead of deleting the component I decided to make a new property in my Line Items table so there’s no reference, re-uploaded a photo and it worked - however, it still says “Empty” when I select the property, but apparently saves the data.

Also weird that it’s having a problem with my “Ingredient Photos” linked table… I dunno! Maybe I set it up wrong, but the Empty issue remains.

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