Image Slider Component confusion

Hi there. Is anyone else having trouble with the image slider component?
I’ve created a separate collection for my images for home listings and created the relationship to the listing. So in the “create new listing” form, you pick your images and the new collection gets populated. success… two issues however.

  1. Even after I’ve set the automatic field to the new images collections within the listing db, it won’t recognize which listing the pictures belong to.
  2. when I try and use an image slides (after manually setting the address to the images), it only displays one picture, despite having the filter set to “current list property>images”… there is an ‘image field’ that needs to be filled out on the bottom of the slider settings and it only shows whatever that one picture is set to. i’ve tried using the urls, but again, only one image shows up.
    Any guidance is appreciated.

post screen shots. Are you trying to use uploaded photos or photos from a link?

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Images the user uploads while submitting their apartment for rent. screen shots coming up. and thank you!

I’d like it to pull all the images uploaded within that specific property listing. Not sure why it forces us to choose one for an image slider component.

Got it. For this it’s a bit complicated. You would need a database just for photos that are uploaded with a relationship with the Location. So to explain better. Create new images database. Make the top property Name. second property is going to be a Relationship with your location database I’m guessing the all selection at the bottom. so a image can have multiple locations and a location can have multiple images. then you should be able to put in the slider all images that we uploaded to that location. Hope that works!

hi thanks. yes, i’ve created a separate db just for the images with a relationship to the addresses. let me try doing what you said about making the top property name. right now, the database consists of 5 image fields… one field for each image. sounds like i somehow have to get all images uploaded into one field?

Here it is built … hit clone app and you can see what I was explaining.

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wow. thank you. you didn’t have to do this. I really appreciate it! I’ll mess around with this now and figure it out.

I am having a similar issue the relationship is working but only one image appears, @CopyThat can you share the above link again

I resolved the issue.

Hey, I am too facing a similar issue. I have created a database as you have mentioned. The relationship is Many-to-one i.e many images can belong to one product, one product can have many images. The problem is when I place the slider, I am not able to see any options for filtering the images with their name. If you can please kindly send the above app you have done It would be very helpful.