Bug? Set automatically in forms

The assignments that should be set automatically do not work at the moment? Not for you either? It worked all the time. @jessehaywood

Hi Michael. I’m not the one to offer technical support. If you think you have found a bug, submit a ticket. Thank you! Submit a Support Ticket

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Hi Michael,

For me it’s working :

Is it working now? If the issue is still there the best would be Submitting a support ticket like Jesse said!

Hope this issue will solve soon!

Thank you

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Thanks, but it works for some forms and not for some. I have contacted the support. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I really have to complain now. I developed the app. The app was online and everything worked. After an update, the assignment of a form no longer worked. The funny thing is, in the same form, another assignment works. I contacted the support. I was answered that he needed more info. Despite info and very many screenshots by mail I have not received a solution. No comment, not even if a developer looks at it. I’m waiting for 5 days for a solution and again it’s weekend and I hear 2 days again nothing.

I rebuilt the function again with another collection and I am sure it had worked. Now the same error…

I copied the app, the same error…
I don’t know what to do…my customer needs this function and I have to be liable for it. For a function that worked without problems in the beginning.

Look here:

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