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I’m sorry, but I really have to complain now. I developed the app. The app was online and everything worked. After an update, the assignment of a form no longer worked. The funny thing is, in the same form, another assignment works. I contacted the support. I was answered that he needed more info. Despite info and very many screenshots by mail I have not received a solution. No comment, not even if a developer looks at it. I’m waiting for 5 days for a solution and again it’s weekend and I hear 2 days again nothing.

I rebuilt the function again with another collection and I am sure it had worked. Now the same error…

I copied the app, the same error…
I don’t know what to do…my customer needs this function and I have to be liable for it. For a function that worked without problems in the beginning.

Look here:

Hi @MichaelApp,

It seems that some debugging info is needed. If I understood your issue correctly, the property “Traningsssssgruppppe” is not set automatically one some screen with a form.
The first thing to check will be if this property is available on this screen. You can try to add a temporary label to this screen and display some info from Current Traningsssssgruppppe (e.g. Current Traningsssssgruppppe → Name or similar).
And then you can run your app and see if this info is displayed or not.

Best regards, Victor.

You are right. On the screen it shows me the data, but in Magic Text it can’t show me the name in the text field. What is the best way to proceed now?

Hi @MichaelApp,

The next step is to understand why and where Current “Traningsssssgruppppe” is lost. One of the issues could be when you have 2 (or more) screens, which are pointing to this screen (let’s call it “Form Screen”). It could be the case that one of these 2 screens contains current “Traningsssssgruppppe”, and another is not; so “Form Screen” isn’t receiving the data when you arrive to it from the 2nd screen.

The general approach will be to “trace back” the data step-by-step and see if previous screens are set up correctly.
It’s difficult to say if the issue is caused by some mistake in the app (in my experience it’s most probably) or by Adalo bug (which also happens).
You can try to simplify the app flow and “isolate” the issue.


Thanks, i found my Problem. Your tips were very good!

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Glad I could help!

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