Setting status value automatically from form not working - any ideas?

I have followed the tutorial exactly as explained several times, even where I start over from scratch, but I cannot get the status value to update in the record for a new item.

My “item” collection has a relationship to a “status” collection and no matter how I approach this I cannot get the form to automatically set the status to “ready” for the newly created item. I would love to know if this tutorial has worked or others, if I’m missing something not mentioned in the tutorial or another approach. Thanks so much in advance for the help!

This is the tutorial -

Delete your existing form & then reconnect it, after that follow the tutorial to set automatic. It may help you because sometimes some function not work properly but after reconnection it works

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it another try.

I may also test setting a value to a collection property that is within the collection vs a relationship collection property and see if that works. It could be that my relationship isn’t right, although if I add the status within the database directly everything appears to work. It is just the automatic setting of the property value that doesn’t seem to take.

Here is a quick loom of my issue. I set up a new project just for this issue… I still can’t get the automatic field to work to set a status when the form is submitted. I’d really appreciate any help.

First of all, your button (located at bottom right corner) is a list (that’s a mistake)

:point_right:Delete it then re-add the button

Flow :point_right:When button clicked update that collection & redirect to next screen

I just can’t get this to work.

I don’t know if it is a collection relationship issue or something else. If I don’t follow the tutorial instructions to make the “+” button a list of Statuses, then I don’t have the option to set the Status at all… all I get is “Logged In User” as an update option for the “+” button.

Maybe I’m a lost cause, but I would greatly appreciate the additional help to get over this hurdle.

Your app workflow like
When user click that + button it will redirect to next screen where he/she enters the title & submit it & your homescreen will start showing all the data of loggedin user.

So, it’s better to set your status to be ready on the hit of form submit button not with the tap of + button.
You just need to update your loggedin user collection property to ready.

Hey @jsteb, I was struggling with this and I figured what is going on. the problem is with the Action button. If you try with a regular button it will work. I think that should be clarified in the Tutorial

Hey @jsteb, the way you want to set the item status to ready will be possible with the help of dropdown (the main drawback is you can’t set this automatically).

Here is the video of how can I do this:

& if you don’t want to use dropdown & set your status automatic just create a property - status under items & set to automatic when user submit the form like this:

Hey @ishantanusrivastava, what you are showing is an alternative, what @jsteb is trying to achieve is slightly different which is associating two tables not a single text property. In any case the tutorial works, but not on Action buttons.

hey have you seen the first video with dropdown

Yep, but I believe that jsteb wants to do it automatically not with a dropdown.

The way jsteb wants the collection i think may be it’s not possible to do that automatically.

But I’ll try once again

It is possible, as explained in the tutorial, I also validated it, but it works with any component other than the Action buttons.

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@sebapereyro, Thanks, we’ll update that in the doc.

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Thanks for all the comments and direction… I will give it a try now and reply with my result! Thanks again!

This worked for me… so many days of struggle. Haha.

Setting the value for the status worked with a button, but when I tried with a group (my own button design that resembled an action button), I could not get it to work, for whatever that is worth.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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