Bug with layout on sometimes visible component

Hi there.
I’ve found a strange behavior with sometimes visible picture. Reproduced with different components couple of times.


  1. Add to the screen picture that is sometimes visible. In my case I can see the picture, if no achievements added. If at least one achievement added I should see the list of achievements, but not picture
  2. Add any component pinned to the bottom. In my case Admob and “+” button
  3. Pin the picture to be fixed to top or bottom. While picture is visible - all ok
  4. Add one achievement to the list.

Expected result: Buttons and ADmob component are pinned to the bottom

Actual result: Buttons are located on the top of the screen.

If I change the Fixed for my picture to “none”, it’ll fix the layout of buttons. Also without a picture, everything works as expected.

Picture and components are not added to the group.

Let me know if any questions.

I wanted to attach the mov file of screen recording, but mov files are not supported unfortunately(

Hi @bentsajulia,

Layout is frequently painful in “sometimes visible” cases…
You could try to do the following: put an empty white/transparent rectangle between top and bottom components, to “push” them. The thing is that rectangle should be always on the screen.

And then put the sometimes visible picture & list inside (on top) of this rectangle.
You may also need to try various positions of bottom component (bottom/none).

May be this can help.


Hi @Victor,
Great to hear I’m not the only one who experienced this)
For the moment I workarounded it with just having the picture Fixed in “none” and posting it just on the bottom of the screen.
As you said, I played with it a lot today)

But thank you for your solution, I’ll keep that in mind!



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