Admob component layout problem

Hi there,

How could I pin AdMob block to the bottom of the screen for mobile app?
Please find screens attached: first from editor, second - from preview.

Hey bentsajulia, how are you! just insert a simple shape (rectangle) and make a group, after you can edit style and fix it on the bottom! :wink:

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Hi @Carol,
Great idea, but doesn’t work for me, unfortunately.
I’ve grouped rectangle and AdMob, pinned it to the bottom, but on preview rectangle is pinned, but ADMob is not :frowning:


Hey Bentsajulia, let’s try again, remove the rectangle, click at the admob and Transform the admob in a group Bu itself and adjust the style again. Of doesn’t work, try to remove and add the Admob again.

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Removing + reloading page helped. Once again - thanks for the insight!

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Hi @Carol
My AdMob not working when making an APK (Showing blank/empty space) or download from play store but it’s showing everything okay on web testing on Adalo
Web view on Adalo
Settings Property

Here is my previous help post in this group

Can you please help me out?

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Hey @fredy, sorry for my deay to answer you. This sounds to me as an misconfiguration at Google Admob. Try to check the configuration regarding google, as I can see from Adalo side is wordking fine.

@Carol Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try.

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