Conditionally Visible Components Fixed to Top or Bottom Cause Layout Problems

Is there a trick I’m missing here? It seems like having conditionally visible components as part of a fixed header/footer (components “Fixed” to top/bottom) completely ruins the spacing of the unfixed section of the screen. This has been a problem for me since I started with Adalo, and I’ve worked around it so far, but now I’m creating conditionally visible menus in the headers & footers of my screens (to provide filter options for lists, quick actions, etc), and with big blocks of conditionally visible components, the whole layout becomes unworkable. I apologize in advance if this has been covered - It seems like a glaring issue that would have been discussed, but try as I might I haven’t found a solution in the forum so far. Perhaps I’m just not using the right search terms.

Anyway, see this video for a demonstration of the problem:

Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve had similar issues with the various apps I’ve built and to be honest, I had to change my design, or rather the implementation of what I wanted to achieve.
I believe it’s a very complex issue to resolve by Adalo, and maybe they’ll do, maybe they won’t, but if it’s a blocker, than I’d suggest either change the design or maybe see if one of the component makers (Pragmaflow etc) could knock you something up…

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Hi @tbtilton,

How about putting a rectangle as a container and setting the arrangement of that rectangle ( three dots>Arrange>Send Back) to send back and group them all.

Thank you

@dilon_perera Doesn’t make a difference for me. I’ve tried every iteration of layering, grouping, container-izing, etc. etc. Are you able to get that to work?

I figure @msmurfitt probably has it right, even though I hate to have it confirmed. Must just be a difficult flaw that they haven’t been able to work out yet. I’m surprised it isn’t complained about more. I can’t possibly be the only one trying to make spiffy drop-down menus and dynamic headers/footers am I?

Anyway, Appreciate the help. I can probably work around this. The menus and other dynamic elements work fine as long as I don’t anchor them to the top or bottom, so I can work with that…

It works for me if the big group fixed to None. But I think I have misunderstood the question. I’m sorry! Maybe you are trying to do something like this?

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