Bug with toggle button

Is anyone else having an issue with the toggle button. For some reason, it does not change between active and inactive states. It was working yesterday but does not seem to anymore!
I tried copying and pasting a screen which contains the favorite toggle, from the “Directory” app - Oddly it works in the directory app, but not in mine.
Any ideas / help will be greatly appreciated!

Can you please provide screenshots of your app so I can take a look.

Hey Suresh, I experienced this behaviour, when the button was trying to toggle data that was not available in the screen. First step would be to check if the field you’re trying to toggle is available in that screen. :slight_smile:

Thanks Axiom, the data IS available on the screen. Am surely missing something obvious; will continue looking…

ok, so I found my doozy :man_facepalming:
For the purposes of quick testing, I set the same screen as home screen and welcome screen. Obviously, the toggle will not work if the user if not logged in!

Thanks everyone for your quick replies :pray:

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