Toggle not showing active state

I’ve used toggles before, to quite useful effect. I’ve tried to use one today and it appears to be working in the database, but the state isn’t changing - eg, when the toggle is TRUE, the ACTIVE state isn’t showing on the front end.

Is this a bug?

Could you share a video of what you’re seeing?

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I have the same. I cant toggle anything since the dropdown list within the toggle button detail is empty (whereas I created a boolean property within my view).

I create an action to update a value when the toggle button is pressed. It correctly fire the action but the toggle button stays unchecked.

hello any news I have the same problem… thanks :slight_smile:

having the same issue

I have the same problem.
On the home screen of my app, there is content that the user has a condition of “true” is to view the content, if it is “false” does not.
And in practice it doesn’t show anything, I can only see if I take the content and always leave it visible.

In the collection this is also correct, but in practice, it is not working.

Hi @CNST if you could share a screenshot of the collection of the user and also a screenshot of the set up of that component’s visibility settings I can try to identify what may be the problem. Alternatively a short video would be best.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi Praveen,

Please submit a support ticket. :slight_smile: