Favorite Button Not Saving Preference

I’ve created a favorite icon so that user’s can favorite a particular news source they enjoy reading (and then only be exposed to those articles on a separate screen).

^ so here you can see that I’ve added the toggle and linked it to favoriting a source.

^ After you click toggle

When I leave the screen from here, however, the app won’t remember I pressed the toggle, so the user will still have no favorited sources, and when i return I see this:

Any help would be appreciated, this may just be a bug.


We need to see how you’ve set up the component. What is the action on toggle?

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My setup^

Do I need to update the logged user whenever the toggle is switched on off (it isn’t done automatically?)

Hi Ari :wave:

You can create a relationship in your news collection between Users many to many (Favourite Users) and go to the Users collection change the name of the relationship property that has been created as like Favorite News( Otherwise you will get confuse) and set the action on the toggle Current news > Favourite users > Includes logged in user.

Thank you

It says favorite source includes current source. I don’t know your dB setup but I’d expect this to say favorite source includes logged in user. It should be toggling something to do with logged in user

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