Build and Publish 2 apps with same database

Hello everyone, I have built 2 apps with the same database but I am not able to publish my app on play store.If anybody have a idea on how to publish please feel free to share it over here

Hello @Lalit,

Publishing apps is described here: Publishing to the Google Play Store - Adalo Resources

It is quite difficult to understand what exact problem do you have. Please provide more details so that someone could give you meaningful advice.

Best regards, Victor.

Hello @Victor,
I have already published one app on the play store but I am getting issues and errors while publishing the second app. Can you help me with building and publishing the app.

Dear @Lalit,

With all my respect, I can’t give any advice about issues and errors you have. There could be hundreds of different issues while publishing the app and it is impossible to guess which ones do you have.

If you provide more information, then me or someone else might be able to give you an advice or provide some direction.

Best regards, Victor.

If you have an error with the build, I don’t see how you can publish it.
If there are errors in the building process of adalo, you better open a ticket

Hi @Lalit,
Errors with builds, happened a couple of times to me in the beginning, just make a couple of changes and do another build. All was trial and error.

Thank you all for replying, I have built one app and published it on the play store but I have to publish another app on the play store but with the same database. So I went and search for it but no information was available so if any of you know how to publish the app with a different bundle id and the same database then please guide me with steps if possible.

Google play store is giving me error of different bundle id required for the app and when I built a different firebase project it gives me

Have you checked the keys you are using to build the Apps?

As per my assumption, you don’t need to care about the Adalo Database in Google itself, you just need to generate the bundle and keys for your project and firebase.

@JL_LJ yes I have checked them and have created an app just need to ask why am I getting this error and what to do to resolve it??

And if Create another app in same project the bundle id doesn’t match please help me figure this thing
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