Build screen not saving changes!

Yesterday and today I have been consistently having issues with making changes in the builder, and the changes not actually saving. I load the preview and nothing. I then refresh the page, and all my changes are gone. What gives?

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Yes confirmed I’m seeing the same issue. Extremely frustrating. Made a ton of changes and they were seemingly committed but now everything is wiped and reverted to a version of the app that existed about 2hrs ago.

Here is a screencast that reproduces the issue:

This should be an all-hands support issue for Adalo @Ben @Colin

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Hi @bstahl and @grid7,

There are currently issues with the servers being overloaded or else, the team at Adalo is aware and currently on the fix.

Is there any sort of an ETA when this will be resolved? In the future, would it be possible for Adalo to send out a notice that these types of issues?

@Devops thanks. Is there a status page you’re referencing? Where are you getting your info?

They really need to flag the IDE with some type of blatant notice in this scenario. I lost 2hrs of work this morning because my changes were seemingly being committed but nothing was ultimately saved and it apparently existed only in some kind of local browser cache which cleared once I reloaded the IDE. Not cool.

@bstahl I don’t work for Adalo :sweat_smile:,
I little patience I’m sure the support team will be here soon with answers.

Great question I’m sure that they will look into this moving forward :crossed_fingers:

@grid7 were all making guesses at this stage, but as someone that uses AWS platform on a regular basis for other projects, I’m 80% sure this is a cluster problem or maybe a source code problem.

Anyway I understand your frustration let’s hope that they will learn from this moving forward, but I’m sure they’re doing there best right now to resolve this “Rare” crash.

I am having the same issue. Thanks for raising the issue!

We have been experiencing some server issues over the course of the last few days which I feel may have interrupted certain features of Adalo and cause them not to function correctly.

These issues are now resolved and I would urge you to retest this function in Adalo to see if you still experience any issues with it.

@Colin Is this issue happening again? I’m currently experiencing the same phenomenon as last week where changes were seemingly saved then not reflected in the app. Can you test?

Yea I’m getting a gateway timeout now so pretty sure this issue is recurring:

I wans’t online at the time of your post but everything seems to be working on my side right now.

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