Building a web app? Have users download directly to their desktop!

Whilst scrolling the forum the other day I stumbled upon a thread that caught my eye, so naturally I go read it! Id love to share what I found and turn it into a topic so more people can check this out!

@dilon_perera was trying to help another user and posted a link to,, Essentially this will take your web app and have become downloadable on your users desktop. I tried this out with my current web app (a Studio management software) and it was painless. I was able to get a download link that downloaded my app to my computer (Mac) as well as a windows computer. you are even able to deep link within the app, send native desktop notifications, and so much more. Thanks @dilon_perera for this great find!


Your welcome Jacob :+1:

Happy to hear it works well.

Hi, I’m interested in this… how did you do it?

So go to the site and input your web apps domain. From there the site will generate a downloadable link. This can be used for a user to download and app version of your web app.

I’m confused. In the app builder previewer, I can go to settings and see my Adalo subdomain. But Todesktop gives me a 404 error. Am I supposed to use the link created when I hit the previewer’s share button instead? Or does this only work after I’ve published my app?