Is it possible to display my app’s content on a desktop PC?

As much as I wish all of my company’s customers will use the app I am building, some of them are not “app savvy” and will prefer to interact with us using a regular website on their desktop computers.

So, is it possible to give them a link to view my app’s content in a traditional web browser, like a regular web page?

I could duplicate the content on a website, but that creates a lot of work and increases the possibility of mistakes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to handle this? I’m sure I’m not the first Adalo user who wants to display identical content on both their app and their website.

Thank you all so very much!

Yeah a few ways to go about this. One way is to create a desktop Web app sharing the database, and basically make the website with Adalo. This is an easy way if you are already comfortable with Adalo.

If you just want to display some data, for example a list… Let’s say you already have a WordPress website. I’ve actually made a desktop Web app containing just that list (shared dB), and then embedded it into the website with an I frame. So the rest of the site is WordPress but just a section is built in Adalo and embedded.

Final option, you can use the Adalo API to access Adalo data and then use that in tables or however you want to display that.

Whichever option you choose will have quite a different feel, so it depends on your preferences.

If Adalo is where you have most experience I’d consider just making a website version of the app as a desktop Web app with shared database.

This is helpful. Thanks.

I’ve built a few websites with Drupal, which is a database based CMS (Content Management System). I will play with that idea.

Is there any guidance or tutorial out there on how to build a website version as a desktop web app?

If you don’t need drupal etc, i wouldn’t complicate it. But if you need SEO, and fully dynamic pages you might need to consider that.

You just build a desktop web app like a normal app, then connect your domain in the settings. I can see there are a few tutorials on YouTube that are making desktop web apps which might be helpful. Your main issues will probably be about how to get the layout to be good on different screen sizes. Here I recommend keeping the app simple, and centering elements where possible by dragging the component until the center ‘guideline’ appears.

Below are a couple of YouTube tutorials i spotted.

Very helpful. Thank you so much.

I will say the folks at this forum are quite responsive, and have already helped me with a number of issues. Great job!

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