Can a web app user actually download the web app or just “download”/create a bookmark of it?

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A user in November of last year pointed out that a user could download a web app made using Adalo. To my knowledge, though, a web app can’t actually be downloaded and installed to a user’s desktop. I know, because I’ve done this with my own web app, that you can download a bookmark of your web app that can be opened on any mobile device or desktop computer, but when I open the app, it doesn’t look like its running on a browser at all, but rather its running on something else. If anyone knows what that something else is, that would be helpful to know.

My question is, does a user of the web app have the ability to download and install the app on their device or desktop or is the only way to “download” the web app is to put a bookmark, or whatever that file is, on your mobile device’s home screen or on your computer’s desktop?

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So a user cannot download the web app directly from the web as it is still a website that functions as an app.

But check out App to Desktop. Once you have your web app on your own custom domain you can input it and you will get a downloadable link that can be placed on your web app for a user to download a desktop app version of your web app.

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Thank you @Jacob_Lange for letting me know about App to Desktop! Regarding what you said about a user being able to download the web app, you 100% sure that the web app would not be able to be “downloaded”? That’s the only thing I really need to know.

@anon78309838 Could you please confirm whether or not this is true?

Unless you want a user to bookmark the tab in their browser. No, they can not download the web app to their desktop.

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Flotato is dope for the Mac. Pop in the PWA URL and boom. Creates an app.

Thank you very much for your answers @jacob_lange!!

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