Building Loan Calculators

Hey guys! I’m unable to build a car or home loan or any kind of loan calculator :sneezing_face:.
fomula: pr(1+r)^n/((1+r)^n-1)

Can anyone show me how to create a custom formula that automatically calculates while the user drops in the values. With or without button works.

If there’s anybody who can help me out, kindly share the screenshots here :pray: :pray:

Hi @turaabakbar,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Maybe this topic will help you! : This is over my head

If it not what you need, can you explain us what you like to do and show your current setup form a video?

Thank you

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Thank you for replying :smiley:.

I basically intend to create different types of calculators where in the user can drop in the principle amount, interest and tenure.

The formula I’ve mentioned before, I am unable to implement it in Adalo as a custom formula.
How do I do that?
Also, should I use the TEXT component or the FORM component for the users input?

Waiting for your reply
Thank you :sparkles:

Hi @turaabakbar ,

Try this cloneable app,
Loan Calculator (

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Seems like your formula is same with this formula provided by @peterkilaba! : This is over my head - #14 by peterkilaba

I didn’t succeed doing that with a math formula ( but I guess there is and I see that Yongki has shared a app and I think it’s with a math formula. Didn’t checked still )

For this you can use the Abracadalo API : This is over my head - #15 by Abracadalo ( check this post from Abracadalo )

Or JavaScript : This is over my head - #20 by dilon_perera

Also maybe you can use this Mathify component made by Knight! : CSV Export & Mathify | New Component from Adalomatic


@dilon_perera @Yongki The cloneable app couldn’t help :slightly_frowning_face:
Also I can’t understand the API of Abracadablo or the JS.
:slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @turaabakbar,

What have you tried so far? What’s not working? Can you explain your current setup and preview from a video? ( you can use Loom )

Thank you

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Here’s the video. What kind of form inputs , data collections should I be inserting exactly?
Thank you for being patient with me :blush:

Do you need to store the calculations? I believe the formula that you have added not working is because you get the maximum values in the collection.

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I suppose yes. Also, I have tried to follow the updated video and the arbitrary script which you’ve uploaded previously.
When in the preview, selecting the drop down menu doesn’t show me anything!

I didn’t saw that you are selecting the values from drop-downs. Can you share the app as clonable? And for the result input you don’t need a default value.

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Here you go!

These two collections are empty.

Check now : loan

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Got it! Thank you so much @dilon_perera .
Grateful to have members in the Adalo community like you. :smile: :smiling_face: :pray:

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