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I am new to Adalo and I am looking at getting some user inputs via forms, and use the inputs to make some calculations that I can use later on. questions:

I want to use an input field in a formula under invisible fields. However the only options are sum, average, etc. Is there a way to get just the value they entered (not a sum, average, etc).

e.g want the user to enter the monthly rent and I want to calculate the yearly rent. However, the only options I see is to use the monthly rent (average, sum, max/min).


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Yeah, that will not available in the automatically section because the create action is not before it!

What you can do is on the Submit button add a Update action and select that New Item ( collection name ) option ( a example :
and do the calucution!

Or you can create a custom form with input components and a button!

Thank you

Hi thanks for helping and I got most of the way there. Just one minor issue.

I am able to do the math I want, however, I am not able to update the database after a calculation.

Nn my case, I used the weekly rent that was an input in a form, I then multiplied that by 52 to get the yearly rent. The math and UI works. However, I am not able to update the database record with the yearly rent.

I am using a click action update, should there be a button to trigger this action? or am I missing something else?


You need to add this Update action on the form. If you add this on the text component you need to click on the text component to update the database!

Thank you!

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