Building the app - PWA vs Android + iOS

Hello all,

I am building my app as a PWA for now and it is coming along nicely. I’d say I have about another 2 weeks work on it. But once it is done, I obviously have to move on to building it for Android and iOS so my users can actually download it.

I have a set of fundamental questions…perhaps I should have asked these before I started building my app as a PWA, in hindsight.

Does building an Android /iOS app take just as much time as it did on PWA?
Did I waste my time building a PWA when my main objective was to build Android/iOS apps? Is the PWA supposed to be a test run or does it serve any other purpose?

Many thanks

Hi Arun,

Your work with your PWA will transfer over to the iOS and android versions.

The PWA presents a great opportunity to get it in the hands of those that will use the app. It makes it very easy to ‘download’ to one’s home screen to look and feel like a native app.

The PWA does not need any approval from app stores, which makes it a nice alternative for testing.

You may need to make adjustments once you get it into TestFlight, for example. There may be some adjusting of buttons, etc. Generally, your PWA will likely transfer over pretty well to iOS and Android.

Thanks Greg. Much appreciated. Relieved to hear my work has not been a waste.

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What are you working on? Can you share a link? Just curious.

Sure Greg…in about a fortnight. Just need to get the final few bits done.

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