Bulk update a field in a filtered list - How?

Hi, I want to update a field in my Users table for about 3/4 of my users. (over 1000, so not easy to do manually).

How can I create an action that will bulk update all of the users in a filtered list (or based on a True/False condition in the user collection).

The field is a text field that is currently blank for the users I want to update and I want to set that field to be the same text for all the users in the filtered list.

Hi @TonyD,

Is the property in a list needs to be updated once, or you need to do it on the regular basis?

There is no easy way to do it, but there are at least couple of solutions, which might work.


In this case it was a one time thing… I ended up just building a list and manually tapping on each one to update the record this time… it was manageable, but if it got to be more than a few hundred it would be an issue.

So this is something we should get Adalo to build something for IMO. Especially as users expand apps, add new fields that maybe they want a default data entry in etc. In my case I wanted to add a Name to a field that had only been previously used my Pro users, but would now be used by all users. So I needed to only insert text in the blank field of Non-Pro users that were currently already setup.

@David what do you think about this type of thing?

@TonyD in the recent townhall, there was a mention about bulk actions. If I remember correctly this is going to be available by early Q1

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