Is it common for filtered lists to break when you change something?

I have a custom list of users.

It should show ALL users where Member ID = (a number entered into a text input field)

This has been working fine until I recently made a change.

I deleted the text input field, and recreated it on a different screen.

Now the list ignores any filter I create. It just shows all users.

I’ve carefully recreated the same filter. No go.

Then I tried all kinds of other filters. None work. The list just keeps showing all users.

I’ve found several topics here in the forum that seem to indicate this is common. Most people say the solution is to rebuild the list altogether.

So my question is, is rebuilding the list really the best solution? Or are there other reasons a filtered list might stop working?

Hi @MikesClub

Very frustrating, I don’t know what has been done to fix these issues but I have logged tickets in the same regard previously.

I think if the list is within a group then try to remove it from that group. Once it is on the new screen cut (CMD - X) and paste CMD V. If that doesn’t work…

Change the collection the list references, this will reset the the filters, change it back to the original collection and recreate the filters.

See how you go with that.

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