Update a boolean field in DB : does not work

Hello Adalo team,

I am really struggling with a simple update of the boolean field “aboard” in users table. The button “Passer” is supposed to launch this update but I keep getting the same standard error message during my tests, see below :
Can you please help?

Hi @Sonic1,

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You are trying to update logged in user record or another user’s record?

Thank you

Thanks for your reply Dilon.

No, it is the same logged in user we are trying to update.

Can you record a video and it here showing the setup and preview?

And also are you on the free plan or paid plan?

I am on the paid plan.

To get the error, just launch the app, click “Consultation libre” then “OK” in the modal then click “Passer”


Could you record this and add it here? And include the setup in that recording too!

Sorry, I am unable to produce a webp file.

Here is the link to the video :

Also, I tried setting that update on the logged in user in the actions of the screen, still did not work out, with same error message : “action cannot be completed”

Okay, I found the issue : permissions in database, edit was disabled for that field.
Now it works.

Reference to Victor’s post : Users record is not able to update

Thanks for your help guys


Hi @Sonic1,

Sorry for the late reply!

After watching the video,

  1. For the Login form do you have conditional actions? Check this post by Victor : My app is making me enter login details twice - #4 by Victor

  2. For the Action Cannot be completed issue you have update that true/false property permissions to Nobody? And then you have changed it to Record creator and working?
    Happy that you have found the Victor’s post and it’s solved your issue!

Thank you


hello Dilon, thanks for the trick regarding the login page (point 1), it works perfectly now!

Have a good day Sir.

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