Button to reset all True/False values

I am building flash cards for my app and the way I am making each card unique is by filtering the selection to only cards that have used = false, used is a category in my word database. at the end of the flash cards all my words have been used and all are set to true. I want to have a reset button that can make all the true/false values in my database false so I can see the cards again. thanks for the help

would it be possible to have a button itterate through a list? I could use that to reset each value.

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Flash cards means the Deck Swiper or the Card List?

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I’ll take a look at those thank you!

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Your welcome @camer :innocent:

If you add the Deck Swiper and you can add the update action to false in here.


Thank you :innocent:

unfortunately I am running into the same issue. I am trying to get the cards to change rather then scroll and that seems to be what is making it so much more complicated. any other tips for me?

I am trying to get it to iterate through the words randomly, instead of in order so I needed the used category to make sure that it didn’t show the same word again

I figured out a work around. I added a counter that is randomly initiated at the start and then randomly adds up to 20 per iteration. I will have 1000 word options for the flash cards and i’m going to limit the number of cards someone will see to 50 per set.

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