Sorting / filtering fields within a database


I have a database of flashcards (pictured). As you can see each flashcard falls into a “Category”. You can also see the Relationship that exists titled “FC Category”, this is because I am trying multiple ways to find a solution but I didn’t want to confuse anyone.
I would like the work flow to go like this…

  • User clicks on a “English Flashcard” button

  • User is taken to a screen with a list showing “Categories”. Right now, I can use Magic Text to populate a categories list, but it will show all the categories multiple times (pictured)

  • Once user selects a Category, they will go to a new screen that has only those flashcards that belong to that category.

I hope this makes sense and I can provide any additional info if needed.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @o_c ,

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When you click the English Flashcard button it’s taking you to a new screen. And then there is a categories list. And when the use clicks a category user goes to a new screen and the Flashcards belongs to that category are displayed in that screen. Correct right?

Then you need to set the collection of the list to the categories collection (list in the screen that links when the English Flashcard button pressed) and replace the text with Current Category > Name with magic text.

And set the list to the Flashcards collection in the other screen ( the screen that user goes after choosing a category) and replace the text with magic text ( Current Flashcard > English word). And change the filter of that list from All Flash Cards to Current Category>Flash Cards.
Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera,
Thank you for getting back to me.

I am not quite following your instruction though. Also, I am willing to recategorize or add additional database(s) if it makes things easier.

Everything you wrote below is correct!! That is what I’m trying to do.

Unfortunately, this part below is hard for me to understand. I have tried multiple ways of what I think you mean, but its still not working.

When the user is on the home page there is a button that says “English Flashcards”
This sends them to another page that should display a list of the 8 categories that ALL flashcards fall into. But I don’t know what collection to make this list.

If I select “All Flashcards” and select the text to display “Category” from my database, it displays a list like the one pictured in my first post, where the category name is listed multiple times.

Now, if i click on one of the categories from the list, it takes me to another screen.
This screen is half working correctly.
It is displaying to appropriate amount of records, for instance, the “Months” category will display 12 flashcards, however they all say “November” (or whatever month I unintentionally selected from the multiple “category” options on the previous page).

I am going to try to screen record but in the meantime please let me know if you think of another solution.

Your Welcome!

You have created a categories collection to store the categories right?


Maybe this video can help you!

Way to go @dilon_perera!!

I followed your video and it worked perfect. Awesome work and thank you for the help!
Hope to stay in touch!

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