I want to display the list randomly with a button push

I want to display randomly by pushing a button using “Custom list”.

There are “true, false” in the database list, and I want to display only the true condition.
There are also images on the list.
I want to display both images and text.

Is it possible to implement it?

Hi @Jin ,

This is a directional advice,

you could add additional numbers field in users collection which can be used to filter the collection.

Add action to a button that update this field with RAND() function and then link to another screen with custom list filtered with boolean field and this numbers field.

So, in that collection must exist number field with populated content for certain range that is also the same range in RAND() function.

Give that a try and you can ask more after that.

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@Jin @Complab also have a component specifically made for random list with images, and filters. Just another option.

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Hi @Yongki ,

Thank you for answering!

I’m sorry, I’m still a beginner, so I didn’t get the image.
Looking at the answer again, my explanation was insufficient.

I want to display a list for each of 10 people
Member A → List B
Member B → List C
Member C → List A
Member D → List A

  • The list is random, so it’s okay to duplicate it.
  • There are more than 100 types in the list.

◉ Add true or false to the list

◉ Button push

◉ Randomly display only one true in the list

◉ I want to display the list to 10 members

I would appreciate it if you could tell me in detail.
Thank you.


Thank you for answering!

The image is close to here!
However, since you cannot change the style such as buttons
It doesn’t seem to be usable this time.

Ideally, you can freely edit it with a custom list.

Hi @Jin ,

Here is cloneable app you can check,

I was preparing another question to this app, but you can focus on random button.


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