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I’m trying to build a screen where a user can update information entered into a database collection but cannot seem to create an action to update the collection I’m looking for.

I create a form and it gives me “Which Data Collection” > “What do you want the form to do?”

I select my collection “Departments” and then want to choose “update” but the only option I’m given is “create new department”

I tried creating a button and selecting action > update but it only gives me the option to update the “logged in user” record.

Any advice gratefully received, I’ve been trying over an hour to fix…

Hi @freddienaish,

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To update the department in a form or with a action you need current department data to be available in that screen! So now you can add a screen where a list of departments added and another screen where the form is added and lastly you can link the list to the screen where the form has and in the form you can select update current department!

Check here : Trying to update collection from form but can only create new record - #2 by dilon_perera

Thank you

Thank you.

Disappointingly simple in the end, particularly given that I already had a list page setup I just hadn’t linked it.

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