Button with a specific product in the database

Hello, how to set up a button with a specific product in the database. the task is to create a main page on which many products will be presented, there will be a photo of the product, a short description and a transition button. It is necessary that when you click on this button, there will be a transition to a detailed description of the product.

On the screen with all of the products, you’ll want to create a list and have it be a list of all of the products. Have the list include a button for each product that goes to a “Product Details” page (or something similar). Then create that Product Details page using Magic Text to have it fill in the name, price, description, etc of the selected product.

Hello, once you link a list to a specific screen, the data of the current product will appear on the destination screen. You can display them in that screen through components (Example: text, image…).

Thank you!

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