Buttons Linked with List/Database

Has anyone worked out a way to link a button to the prepopulated outcome for a list selection/filtered results on a seperate screen?

I have set database to update images and text on screen 2 upon selecting the approriate tile on screen

I was wondering if you can have buttons with custom links for each Pre Populated images/text results

at the moment all my buttons obviously only go to the same linked page via click actions.

the reason for this build is that i want to use the horizontal scroll list for my UI. If I could do this with just normal images all the problems would be solved!

Hi @Oddshape,

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Is it possible to explain your task a bit more? You need that, in the Test 2 screen when a button clicked that goes to the Test Scroll screen and you need the horizontal list results to be filtered by the clicked button value?

Thank you

First screen with horizontal list has the categories.


Second screen is the output of the data from selecting each category. Ive managed to map the title, the text and the images to the database so when i select music category on page 1, all the music pops up on screen 2 without the art/books included.

What id like to do is have a button underneath each music listing with a different link attached.

In the meantime i think what im going to have to do is link to another 3 screens one for music one for art etc…

Like i said previously all i want is tiles which i can horizontally scroll on and map a custom link to another screen upon click. If i use lists the link for each title is the same as to be expected.

Any ideas on other ways to format?

Why you need to add different link actions for each item?

Did I got you correctly? : Horizontal List.mp4 - Google Drive

I think thats exaxtly what i needed! Will Test and see if it works, i think its the database set up that im not doing correctly!

Ahh ok, this is the bit where i need the final button on the info page to have individual buttons with their perosnal links on. So for your example there would be a button on the info page of apple that sent you to an apple farmer page. But the football would have a button that went to a football website.

Where i get stuck is the fact that the out come from the list selections is all mapped to the one page. So when i place buttons on this page the link only can be sent to one place

This was a great walk through to begin with.

Im thinking ill have to use something other than lists maybe?

It would be great if scroll horizontal tiles existed with the ability to link individual pages like we do with buttons!

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