I want to display the current view in a way other than List view

I would like to know how to pass the data other than displaying the List.
(I want to display a specific Current List on the next screen.

category DB
Suppose there is a -Dinner

In that case, when you jump from the Tab bar to the List Screen, you will see
Is it possible to make a specific Current List appear by default?

In the figure, the Food Caategory should always contain the Morning List.

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I am unable to make any details from that screenshot. Are you able to post a larger version please.

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Collin Thanks for all your support!

Screeen, which is currently applicable, is forcing the list to be displayed.
I’m passing the data from the List. In that case, I SEND the value of the selected List.

Originally, the transition destination is the IMAGE component and the
I want to display the values of a particular List.

I think this case may be difficult, so you can close it here.
I always appreciate your support!!

Hi @Tsubasatwi,

Do I understand correctly, that you want your users to click on an image from the list on the left column, and based on that click, update information in the list on the right column?

It is possible to achieve this, using extra variable. Here is the logic: for the left column, when user clicks on some image, you update the value of this extra variable (for example, put “Pizza” there). And you in the right-column, you need to set up the list with filter using this variable.

There are 2 ways to implement this extra variable: either create an extra field in Users collection to store the data, or use an input box on the page (make it small and white) to store the value.

Hope that will help.

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Thank you for your very thorough explanation.
That’s exactly what I mean.

use an input box on the page (make it small and white) to store the value.

You are a genius! It’s an idea I hadn’t even thought of!
We were able to implement it successfully.

The image is exaggerated, but I’ll actually make it smaller and implement it as pointed out.

Much appreciated!


Thank you @Tsubasatwi, glad I could help.


Love seeing these topics :slight_smile: Thanks @Victor


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