Quiz Questions from Collection on 1 Page

I’ve created a Collection with some simple questions: Yes or No. My goal it to step through these questions and tally the number of Yes clicks and the number of No clicks, as the user progresses. I’m trying to do this on a single page, (without creating a new page for each question.)

I’m not requiring users to log in, so I can’t refer to that info. In order to step through the questions, I’ve created an input field, question_number, (which I’ll later make invisible) with a default value of 1. With each answer, this will be incremented and and passed to a List, to display the next question.

Problem: As a test, I’ve got a Button. I’m trying to increment this input field but I am stuck.
Add Action > More… > Change Input Value
Input Select > question_number (as described above)
Value ??? (looking for formula where I can enter question_number +1)

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I don’t think you can do this with a single button. But in your list of quiz questions, you could have a property on the quiz record for Next Question Number. Then clicking on a question in the list could set the value of the input to the next question number.

Late to the party here @Townsend, but I have solved the problem you bumped in to in an app I’m working on. Here is a video example of how to achieve what you want:
Screencast: Create a multi-stage quiz on one screen.