Calcul easy but where is the option?

Hello, I need your help…i’am desperate… :sleepy:

I want to obtain an automatic formula. That is to say make an addition between the “pears” and the “apples” of the SAME LINE (SAME ENTRY) to find the total (Still on the same line) in “Results” but when I go to the options … .Adalo just offers me Pears’s Sum, average … or apples’ Sum, average … while I just want to add the apples and pears of the same row and NOT OF A COLUMN. (Je veux juste la valeur de la ligne pour les pommes et les poires)

The 2 screenshots will guide you well…

Thank you very much for your help and sorry I don’t speak English very well.

Hrmm I was thinking Custom Formula, but since it’s a form I don’t see that option…

Maybe a workaround might be to do the math on a button press that writes the answer out to a third field, and then you just load the value as text where you need it?

Why not create a new number property in that collection and call it “Total”. Then when creating that record for that collection use, “apples+pears”.

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