Calculating Maximum Value of Field in Airtable not Working

I have a form that is connected to an external collection in Airtable. In my Form I have the user entering 2 ‘visible’ fields and I have the form generating 2 ‘automatic’ fields. In one of the automatic fields, I would like to calculate and populate the field with the maximum value from another field in that same external collection. However, for some reason, whenever I submit the form it returns 0 for the maximum value. Has anyone else had this problem? is this a bug or limitation in the calculation options in a form?

For additional context, The field I am trying to calculate the maximum for is ‘Row Number’, so I know it is an integer field type. Here is a snapshot of the setting I have for this field in the form.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Ben, curious if you have seen any other issues with using the aggregation formulas (Average, Sum, Min, Max) on external collections like airtable?

I have tried a few different approaches to calculating the sum or maximum value of a field in Airtable when I am creating a new record and none of them seems to work.

This would be extremely helpful for some of the more complex logic that I am implementing. For instance when a user creates a new record I need to pull up the last record from that user and increment it by +1, so finding the last record from that user requires filtering my airtable database by the user name and by the largest row number or date for that user.

thanks so much!