Issue calculating counts with AirTable integration

I’ve integrated AirTable into my Adalo app as an external collection. When filtering lists, it works like a charm. I just use the filterByFormula query parameter and it does the job.

However, when trying to use Airtable data for other things (like adjusting the visibility of a component or just calculating value counts) I run into problems.

  1. When I put add Magic Text on a text field and have it return a count of records, it gives me 100 instead of the 3000+ it’s supposed to show:

  2. When I add any filter that count Magic Text (any filter at all), I get zero as the result:

Please help! Thanks!

  1. Airtable API response is limited to 100 records. That is why you are seeing only 100 there.
  2. Without seeing how the table is setup on Airtable I cannot tell you if that filter is accurate or not.

Are you guys planning to see if this limit can be increased??

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This limit is imposed by Airtable and not from us.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for replying. I contacted Adalo via email 2 days ago about a payment issue and I have not heard back from anyone. However, I saw someone opened my email this morning, but did not respond. Can you please help me??


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