Calculating scores across all users at once

Could someone please help me.

I am trying to recalculate all my users scores for a leaderboard - it is a combination of posts they have made and likes for those posts over a fixed recent period.

If I want to do this all at once - without relying on them logging in - how would I do that?

Is it possible within adalo or do I need to use zapier or something similar ?

I just need to be pointed in the right direction - thanks

Kind Regards

Hi @eyedeer ,

You would create frontend workflow which is a nested list with countdown inside it, so it is trying to emulate as if the user get those scores.

It is very time consuming, but reliable, I did an experiment it goes until 4 days, so resume function might be needed.


Hi @eyedeer,

If i understand what you need correctly, you can do this inside Adalo using the countdown times:

How you can do it:

The clonable app:

Victor explaining the countdown timer:

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Thank you Hanan,

That is perfect.
I will build this later today - but I am sure it has solved my problem!

Thank you again.

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