Timers Working Without You Having Them On Screen

A little over a year ago I was looking into using adalo for a tool I built in Glide. The tool allowed people to sit in a list and when a timer ended the list would rotate the top person to the bottom of the list. The brightest of you attempted and at one point came up with an odd solution that didn’t work as well as expected. I decided to give it a try myself and the solution was a lot simpler than anyone had thought. Let me explain briefly and hope this helps anyone else needing this tool. You have a list of people that are currrently using and not using the tool. Every user has a end time property and a start time property (the start time is used to keep track of what position each user is in). When added to the list their end time will be updated to the timers length (for example 30 minutes from now). The list that contains the active users will each have a timer module as well as a input field. The input field is equal to the end timer minus current time. The timer is equal to the input field. If the screen is refreshed the value will be refreshed, if the screen is not refreshed the timer will continue to countdown. When the timer ends it will trigger a position subtraction of 1 unless they are in position 1 then they will be given a position of total user count which will put them at the bottom of the list and their start time will be updated to the current time. I have chosen to only make position 1 's timer visible and the input field visible to no one to ensure it is not changed. That is it, that’s all. Simple solution. You can now use timers in the manner of a cron system. Your welcome.

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