Creating a game in Adalo

Hi! Trying to figure out how to make a multi-user game on adalo - are there pre-existing guides I could read? Is this even possible?

This is sadly not possible.

specifically as it is multi-user? or games in general are not possible?

Specific which kind of game? Adalo cant animate objects. There is no drag/drop function. There is no swip function. There is no multiplayer function. You cant play audio effects. If your game is e.g. a question game with yes/no questions. That can be created. Any more advanced games not.

I see - I am trying to make a drinking game - with the interface acting very similarly to Picolo - so yes or no options and then something to keep a log of stats and a leaderboard.

I dont now the Picolo game but question game with stats and leaderboard is possible.

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The goal would be to have one player run the game - but have multiple players have access to the stats and leader board. As they compete with each other depending on the challenge/response to the question.

great! thank you - do you recommend any resources to look at while creating it?

They are playing at the same time? Iam not sure but I doubt its possible. There is no way to syncronize

ahh okk gotcha - thank you!

To play at same time, this would involve using push notifications to notify every user that there is a new challenge.

Adding the users to a challenge would have to be via a Challenge can have many users relationship

Then you could lock the challenge in two ways:

  1. There would be a time limit for the user to get in the challenge (Say the challenge is only available for the next 1min), if user goes to challenge, if it is passed already after 1m, he cannot participate. You can use this with recording created date of the challenge and recording when user enters that screen of the challenge.

When user is in the challenge, you can add a timer to give him just a bit of time to answer, if time is up and no answer then bye bye

The thing is the challenge itself, from what I saw in the Google Store, is this like “there is a sentence created” and someone has to say something? If so, how you validate the winner? Or loser if this is a loop of until nobody has nothing to say?

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