Calculations in km

Hello, I need help, I am making a fuel and route calculations app


The user makes a new current KM load, liters and price to pay, I made a list where all the refills appear, so far I’m fine, the problem is that when he does another recharge, I want the KM of his last recharge to appear on the list and km of the current recharge and to be able to get how many km it did (km current recharge - last recharge km) but when I update the whole list is updated … how can I do it?

Hi @Santiago ,

My suggestion is to use users collection to add app-wide variables and use this to filter the list.

Hello, if that is what I am doing, when the user makes a recharge that is updated, but the problem that when I want to, it removes how many kilometers it did (last recharge - current charge) modifies the entire list … im goint to send a video

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