Carpool or car sharing App

Hello, please I would like to build a car sharing or carpool app but I don’t know how to do. I would like to know if it is possible? and how can I integrate distance ( from one point another one) ?

Hi and welcome to Adalo !

It’s actually possible to create a Car sharing app and use the Location input + Maps to calculate distance and calculate the appropriate fees.

It’s possible but a little tricky, you need to understand how Adalo works (database, listings, … )

If you have some questions, don’t hesitate :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply. I learnt a lot on adalo and I integrate Maps but I don’t know how to integrate the distance calculation part. please you can help me with it

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Of course

If you want I created a cloneable version here :Map and distance calculator – Algan

You need to have one or two Location input ( 1 if the departure are fixed and 2 if the both location are variable ) and use a Formula named Km distance for kilometer or Mph for miles distances.

And for the price, you need to indicate the price per km / miles

Don’t hesitate to use the free template I provide and if you have some questions or trouble don’t hesitate to :slight_smile:

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THank you a lot . I am going to apply it and if I want to know more I will let you know

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No worries, don’t hesitaite :slight_smile:

Hello, Please I really need your help again

Hello, please I need help: I start building my car sharing app I don’t how to set up available vehicle or car or not (unavailable) for users who will book for a ride sharing.

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To be simple you need to add a True/False property to your Cars database named AVAILABLE.

On your list filter with Current car> Available > true

When an user book a car add this action : Update current car > available > false

Don’t hesitate to send a MP :slight_smile:

Ok thank you. Please I would lik to share to you my work and You will how is so far ?

Hello, a question… I’m seeing what you published… in the thousands formula why did you multiply it x 1.7

Hello are you there ?

Hello Sir I hope you’re doing well we’ll ?
Please I really need your help again about my car sharing app building

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