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I want to implement the following:

The user enters the data and indicates the number of people. In the form of the variable “number of people” should be multiplied by another number and the result will come out (this figure is just information)

Is it possible to implement this here?


Hey there @Sattily

If you provide more information, we can walk you through the scenario.

The user enters the name, phone number and indicates the number of people. The number of people is multiplied by a certain number, and the result is simply displayed as text

What is the “certain number”? Is it a specific number you want to specify or a number from the database?

This is a number from the database

Explain. What is the number and what is it for? lol. Come on man I wanna help.

Is this when the user creates an account or an alternate collection?

This is the price of the package (tour)

No, the user even registers

You can do math calculations within the parameters.

Example: You’re charging $10 per person, you can do this:

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You can also have the price set from a collection if you link to the input screen from a list:

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F*, is it that simple?! Thanks bro

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Another question is, is it possible to make the button activate after selecting something?

Change the visibility settings of the button to sometimes visible if input is not equal to empty

YouTube tutorials are your friend for extremely basic things like this

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