Help with numbers


I want that when a user presses a button, the “coins” go up by one. I update the Logged in User and on the number property called “coins” I write “+1” as you can see in the picture. But when I press the button, the coins don’t increase. Does somebody know why?

Thank you in advance:)


I found a solution :smiley:
But do you know how to program that it only creates a coin, when the user presses the button the first time?

It should be (logged in user coins) +1.

The answer to your second question kind of depends on the functionality and how you’re setting things up. That particular button, could have the action- only happen ‘sometimes’ if logged in user coins is less than 2, for example.

Thank you for your answer:)

The user gets a coin, when he receives a like, so the way with logged in user/coins/less than 2 can’t work. Do you maybe know another way?

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