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Hello, I need help, we are making an app where users can rent cars by the hour, the problem is that when we do a date piker it comes out with the date and time, what we need is that when you put a SCHEDULE, the system tells you if it is available or not available.

Taking into account that there will be 80 cars, the admin cannot load 24 available shifts per day in 80 cars, it would be the reverse of Victor’s video

Hi @Santiago ,

I have an example of booking things here, cloneable.

And here is another example of that implementation.

cool. … thanks im going to see that!

I used to be in the car rental biz… why aren’t you just using one of the many, many existing off the shelf car rental platforms/apps already in the market?

Because it is an internal app of the company to know who uses the car

I have just made some modification here.

great, I’m seeing that one, I already saw the first one, this one is also clonable to see it inside

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